List of Careers and Salaries

For most people, salary, or earning potential, is an important consideration in the process of choosing a career. There are also other important factors to take into account, such as working conditions, required skills and qualifications, and availability of job opportunities.

The salary for a particular job role or career is influenced by numerous factors, including location, how scarce the relevant skills are in the geographical area, current trends in the economy, and the level of experience required for a particular job. Salaries are also influenced by the type of industry and the size of the organisation. It is therefore very difficult to compile an accurate list of careers and salaries.

The following list of careers and salaries could only be used as a rough guide to give you an indication of the types of salaries that are paid to people in various careers. The amounts given are average monthly salaries in South Africa, and the information is based on data submitted by users as well as data obtained from recruitment agencies and employers. Click on any career to learn more about it.

There are many other websites that have done similar research and compiled similar lists of careers and salaries. To get an accurate impression of how much one can earn by pursuing a particular career, it would be a good idea to consult a few different sources and to compare the results.