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In South Africa, college courses cover an extensive range of topics and subjects. There are very few subjects (such as medical science) that you cannot study at a college. If you are looking for a course that will prepare you for a specific career or for entry into the job market, or that will equip you with certain skills, or that will prepare you for writing certain professional exams or for changing careers, or even a course that you want to do for personal enrichment and enjoyment, a college course may be the right option.

How are college courses presented?

College courses can be presented on the basis of full-time attendance classes, part-time attendance classes, through online classes, or via distance learning. There are advantages and disadvantages to each of these options. It is up to each student to decide which form of tuition will be most suitable for his or her lifestyle and personality. Most colleges only present courses via one or two of the methods mentioned here, so it would be wise to find out these details from each college that you consider studying at.

How are college courses different from university courses?

Colleges do not offer degree courses – only universities may do so. Some courses are offered by both colleges and universities. One of the main differences between the majority of courses at college and university is that the university courses tend to be more focused on providing students with a solid theoretical foundation and understanding, while college courses aim to provide students with practical knowledge and to equip them with the skills that are needed in the workplace. At college, students usually only need to take subjects that are directly related to their course, while university students may be required to take additional subjects that are not directly relevant to what they are studying, simply to give them a broader theoretical background.

What are the admission criteria for college courses?

Each college course has its own set of admission criteria. In some cases, there will be no academic requirement, and students will only need to meet a minimum age and literacy requirement. In other cases, students might need to have obtained their Senior Certificate or a prior college qualification. The admission criteria usually depends on how intensive the course is, and on whether any previous knowledge is required in order to grasp the course content.

College courses at College SA:

College SA offers courses on a distance learning basis. Students can study at their own pace and in their own time, and do not have to worry about attending classes. Study material is sent to students via courier. Each student is also assigned to a tutor, who is available telephonically to assist with any problems or queries relating to the student’s course work.

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