List of Subjects to Study in College

There are many different subjects that can be studied at college. Each course or qualification usually requires students to take a particular combination of subjects in order to pass their course or earn their qualification. The subjects that you take will be relevant to your chosen course. Occasionally, students will be able to choose elective subjects in addition to the compulsory ones.

Different colleges might set out different subject combinations for similar courses. This means, for example, that students studying Human Resource Management at one college might not be doing the exact same subjects as students studying Human Resource Management at another college.

Colleges also do not always use the same name for a particular subject, even if the subjects at the colleges are very similar. For example, one college might offer a subject called “Business Studies” while another offers a subject that covers the same content, but is called “Business Economics”.

Where to find the List of Subjects to Study in College:

To find the list of subjects that need to be taken for a particular course, you can do the following:

  • Look for the course details online
  • Contact the college and request the course outline or the detailed course information
  • Consult the relevant college or course brochures

List of subjects to study at Skills Academy:

Below is a list of the different fields of study that you can choose from at Skills Academy. You can click on the name of the study field to find a list of courses in that field. If you want to see which subjects you need to take for a specific course, you can simply click on the course name. You will then be able to view the details for that course.

All the subjects and courses at Skills Academy are offered on a distance-learning basis, which means that you do not need to attend classes, and you can study from the comfort of your own home.

What you can study at Skills Academy:

Beauty Therapy Studies

Bookkeeping & Accounting Studies

Business Studies

Child Care Studies

CIMA: Management Accounting Studies

CompTIA Studies

Computer Studies

Creative Studies

Decor & Design Studies

Event Management Studies

Financial Management Studies

Forensic Science Studies

Hospitality Studies

HR Management Studies

Management Studies

Photographic Studies

Policing Studies

Project Management Studies

Secretarial Studies

Short Courses

Tourism Studies

Wedding Planning Studies

List of subjects to study at Matric College:

Matric College is dedicated to providing their trainees high quality, distance learning education. Matric College has a series of bookkeeping, financial management courses available to learners. 

Their primary objective is to better and simplify access to education. It is their objective to guarantee that all of their trainees are provided the scholastic support that he or she needs to succeed. Everything they do at Matric College is based on their belief that everyone has the right to study.

You can improve your skills, complete your Matric and work much better, faster and become more efficient.

What you can study with Matric College:

ICB Business Management Courses

  • National Certificate Course in Small Business Financial Management
  • Higher Certificate Course in Business Management Office Administration 
  • National Diploma Course in Business Management Financial Accounting

ICB Office Administration Courses

  • National Certificate Course in Office Administration
  • Higher Certificate Course in Office Administration
  • National Diploma Course in Office Administration 

ICB Financial Accounting Courses

    • National Certificate Course in Junior Bookkeeping 
    • FET Certificate Course in Senior Bookkeeping 
    • National Diploma Course in Technical Financial Accounting
    • National Diploma Course in Certified Financial Accounting

Business Management Courses

  • N4 Business Management
  • N5 Business Management
  • N6 Business Management

Financial Management Courses

  • N4 Financial Management
  • N5 Financial Management
  • N6 Financial Management

Educare Courses

  • N4 Educare
  • N5 Educare
  • N6 Educare

Human Resource Management Courses

  • N4 Human Resource Management 
  • N5 Human Resource Management 
  • N6 Human Resource Management 

Legal Secretary Courses

Marketing Management

  • N4 Marketing Management
  • N5 Marketing Management
  • N6 Marketing Management

Management Assistant Courses

  • N4 Management Assistant
  • N5 Management Assistant
  • N6 Management Assistant

Beauty Therapy Courses

Beauty Therapy

  • Beauty Therapy: Expert Course

Salon Management 

  • Salon Management: Expert Course

Nail Care

  • Nail Care – Short Course
  • Nail Care – Certificate Course
  • Nail Care – Comprehensive Course

Make-Up Application 

  • Make-Up Application – Short Course
  • Make-Up Application – Certificate Course
  • Make-Up Application – Comprehensive Course

Facial Skincare

  • Facial Skincare – Short Course
  • Facial Skincare – Certificate Course
  • Facial Skincare – Comprehensive Course

Child Care Courses

Child Psychology 

  • Child Psychology – Short Course
  • Child Psychology – Certificate Course
  • Child Psychology – Comprehensive Course

Child Day Care

  • Child Day Care – Short Course
  • Child Day Care – Certificate Course
  • Child Day Care – Comprehensive Course

Creche Management

  • Creche Management – Short Course
  • Creche Management – Certificate Course
  • Creche Management – Comprehensive Course

First Aid

  • Certificate In First Ad Concepts

Tourism & Guesthouse Management Courses

Tourism Management 

  • Tourism Management – Short Course
  • Tourism Management – Certificate Course
  • Tourism Management – Comprehensive Course

Guesthouse Management 

  • Guesthouse Management – Short Course
  • Guesthouse Management – Certificate Course
  • Guesthouse Management – Comprehensive Course

Event Management & Wedding Planning Courses

Wedding Planning

  • Wedding Planner – Short Course
  • Wedding Planner – Certificate Course
  • Wedding Planner – Comprehensive Course

Event Management

  • Event Management – Short Course
  • Event Management – Certificate Course
  • Event Management – Comprehensive Course

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