Our Partners

Here we discuss our partners and what they have on offer. Let’s start with our 4 main partners:


Skills Academy’s contact details are as follows

Skills Academy, as the name implies, focuses on courses that develop skills in the workplace or help students acquire these skills to increase their employability.

Skills Academy offers a variety of courses in various fields of study, and with very affordable payment plans, getting a qualification and preparing yourself to enter the job market with confidence now becomes easy and hassle free!

Registrations and Enquiries:
Toll Free Number:   0800 39 00 27
E-mail Address:     [email protected]
For more information on Skills Academy, please visit their website: http://www.skillsacademy.co.za/

Courses Skills Academy offers:

Beauty Therapy Studies

Bookkeeping & Accounting Studies

Business Studies

Child Care Studies

CIMA: Management Accounting Studies

CompTIA Studies

Computer Studies

Creative Studies

Decor & Design Studies

Event Management Studies

Financial Management Studies

Forensic Science Studies

Hospitality Studies

HR Management Studies

Management Studies

Photographic Studies

Policing Studies

Project Management Studies

Secretarial Studies

Short Courses

Tourism Studies

Wedding Planning Studies


The Learner Group

The Learning Group specialises in the field of Creative Studies and offers a variety of courses to cater for a wide market. However, they also offer FASSET accredited qualifications in the Financial field and are extending their scope towards more Business related courses.

The Learning Group makes learning simple, easy and problem free, and with constant tutoring and support from your assigned Student Tutor, distance learning has never been easier.

Learning Group’s contact details are as follows:

Registrations and Enquiries:

Toll Free Number:   0800 39 00 27
E-mail Address:     [email protected]

For more information on The Learning Group, please visit their website: http://www.learninggroup.co.za/.

Matric College

Matric College’s contact details are as follows:

Matric College is dedicated to providing their trainees high quality, distance learning education. Matric College has a series of bookkeeping, financial management courses available to learners. 

Their primary objective is to better and simplify access to education. It is their objective to guarantee that all of their trainees are provided the scholastic support that he or she needs to succeed. Everything they do at Matric College is based on their belief that everyone has the right to study.

You can improve your skills, obtain your Matric Certificate,  work much better, faster and become more efficient.

Registrations and Enquiries:

Our Pretoria office is our registration office and handles all requests by visitors looking to register with us.

Our Cape Town branch is our telephonic student support branch. Please call our Pretoria offices for questions on registration.

Landline for Support: 021 838 8295

Website: www.matric.co.za

Courses Matric College offers:

ICB Business Management Courses

ICB Office Administration Courses

ICB Financial Accounting Courses

Alternatively, please fill in the form below and a Student Registrar will be in contact as soon as possible:

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