What Are The Advantages Of Distance Learning?

Distance Learning is an advanced method of learning from the convenience of your own home or any location and at your own pace. It is perfect for those with busy schedules or other commitments such as family and employment and those who cannot relocate.

These are the advantages:

  • Study From Home
  • Save Costs
  • Adaptable Study Hours
  • Open Learning

Study From Home

Studying from home helps a lot when it comes to people who have a problem with social anxiety because this means they will not be subjected to going to crowded spaces such as the campus.

Save Costs

During the Covid-19 many people lost their jobs which led to a lot of people losing money and their cars due to not being able to pay instalments. Distance learning allows them to study at home without having to worry about travelling to school.

Adaptable Study Hours

People who are working and coming home late get the chance to have their own study schedule where they can easily study only after work. Or rather, during the weekends.

Open Learning

People get to choose their own strategy of learning, and how they are going to do it, and they are not required to use a particular way of studying. They also get to be independent and critical thinkers.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Distance Learning?

  • There Is No Immediate Feedback
  • Network And Connectivity Issues
  • You Don’t Stay Motivated
  • There Is No Physical Interaction

There Is No Immediate Feedback

Feedback is delayed, but this can help a student to always find ways to improve without being told what they need to do.

Network And Connectivity Issues

Due to the load-shedding situation in South Africa, the network becomes a problem, but you can use the load-shedding to make notes from your textbooks to jot down what you will need help with.

You Don’t Stay Motivated

Staying motivated can be challenging, but you can always find better ways to stay motivated.

There Is No Physical Interaction

Students are not in contact with the instructor and the rest of the students, which means you can get yourself a study group and have days when you guys meet up.

How Do You Do Distance Learning?

Distance learning is done remotely where students teach themselves using the internet, videos and recordings. They have no contact classes, so this means they get a chance to work through their own timetables and studying schedules.

What’s The Meaning Of Distance Learning?

Distance learning is when students teach themselves without physical association with other students and teachers.

What Are Examples Of Distance Learning?

  • Hybrid Learning.
  • Fixed Time Online Courses
  • Open Schedule Online Courses.
  • Video Conferencing.

Hybrid Learning

Hybrid learning is when students do a 50-50 split between online and physical studying. For example, they mostly use a digital whiteboard to brainstorm.

Fixed-Time Online Courses

Fixed-time courses are when students are required to log in to the school’s website at a particular time. There is less flexibility.

Open Schedule Online Courses

Open schedule Online Courses are where the students have an unlimited and free web-based program that is made available for everyone around the world, no matter how far they are.

Video Conferencing 

This is live and virtual, where students are required to have proper connectivity and use visual cameras. They usually have two or more people, and it helps to enhance face-to-face interaction.

What Difference Is There Between Distance Learning And Online Learning?

One of the top differences between online learning and distance learning is how they happen. With distance learning, most institutions will provide study materials and have student portals where they offer support. 

Whereas with online learning you get the chance to meet your instructor during live and virtual sessions, and you also have access to information through the college’s websites.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Offline Classes?

Offline education is when the students need to go and attend classes physically on campus with an instructor. This is also known as Traditional learning.

Here are the disadvantages:

  • They Become Teacher Dependant:  Students tend to become too reliant on their teachers, which could hinder their ability to study independently
  • Lectures Missed Are Not Repeated: If you are unable to attend for any reason, you will have to catch up on your own because the teacher will not go back and teach a certain lesson
  • Expensive Traveling: For learners who stay far from the college, this means they will spend more money on traveling to school

What Are The Advantages Of Online Classes Vs Offline Classes

Online and offline classes are both a sufficient way to deliver information to students. In most colleges, they even offer both.

Online Classes AdvantagesOffline Classes Advantages
  • More Convenient 
  • Own Pace
  • Reduce Teacher Shortage
  • Health Benefits
  • Improved Focus And Concentration
  • Better Social Skills

Online Classes Advantages

More Convenient

This means a student is able to use an easier and more suitable way to study according to their own schedule without having to worry about not attending classes.

Own pace

Studying at your own pace means you are going to use your own speed, and you can have a more personal learning approach.

Reduce Teacher Shortage

The scarcity of teachers is reduced because in online classes students use the internet, so a teacher can have a schedule to teach the students. 

Offline Classes Advantages

Health Benefits

Offline classes require students to travel to school whether by car or by foot, traveling is a dealbreaker for health as you get to exercise, and this also brings down the rate of screen time, so you do not strain your eyes using computers.

Improved Focus And Concentration

Students are usually on their phones but during a lesson, they have to put away their phones which helps them to concentrate more for better understanding.

Better Social Skills

Students get to learn to use effective social skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving which help with manual growth.

What Difference Does Distance Learning And Face To Face Learning Have?

Face-to-face learning methods include traditional learning materials such as textbooks and notes, where students are required to be in the college physically.

Whereas distance learning allows students to participate at their own pace and use their own studying style, they do not need to go to campus for classes.

How Does Distance Learning Affect Student Performance Personally?

The result of distance learning on the mental health of students shows that the most sensitive points were not enough time planning and growth of digital technologies in modern ways and the weight of ensuring the quality of students. 

What Can I Study Through Distance Learning?

  • Matric 
  • National Diploma Courses
  • Short Courses
  • Beauty Therapy Courses
  • Child Day Care Courses


You can always get offers like doing Adult matric which is for people who are over the age of 21, you can do a matric rewrite or an upgrade too where you would get a chance to improve your marks.

National Diploma Courses

Distance learning colleges offer NATED Diploma courses such as Business Management that need you to have matric or equivalent and this takes up to 18 months. 

You can also do Educare and Financial Management which is made up of 3 Nated levels, and they all take 12 months to complete.

Short Courses 

These courses take a few hours or months to complete, and you can do First-Aid which takes 2 months, or you can do Computer courses which take up to 8 months to finish.

Beauty Therapy Courses

When you are doing these courses you do not need to have a matric, you can do the:

Child Day Care Courses

These courses require you to know English and Matric is not a requirement. You will learn how to be gentle with kids and good parental skills.

How Can I Succeed At Distance Learning?

  1. Be Open About It: Being open about it increases chances of meeting people who are also using Distance Learning, so this means you might get help and ideas from them too
  2. Engage With Other Students Through Study Groups:  This means you will get more ideas and help that you might need about certain ways of learning
  3. Figure Out Your Learning Style: This will help you know which way of studying works for you and help you understand the course material
  4. Celebrate Achievements: This will help you to stay motivated and always excited to get your work done
  5. Ask Questions: Do not be afraid to ask questions when you do not understand a certain topic

Is Distance Learning A Good Way To Learn?

Yes, distance learning is a flexible way to study because you get to do everything according to your own time and pace. For instance, if you are a working person you can always use the weekend to study, it is all up to you.

How Can I Improve My Distance Learning?

  • Mark Your Due Dates To Have A Clear View Of What Needs To Be Done
  • Never Miss Deadlines
  • Use S.W.O.T
  • Have A Schedule

Mark Your Due Dates To Have A Clear View Of What Needs To Be Done

It is very important to have sticky notes on your study room wall, these sticky notes will consist of all your deadlines, you can also use different colours to remind yourself.

Never Miss Deadlines 

You need to be punctual not only at work but for your studies, so it is wise to set reminders on your phone for your deadlines.

Use S.W.O.T

SWOT analysis is a structure used to identify someone’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. This is helpful for students too because it increases the realisation of the factors that go into making a decision.

Have A Schedule

In most cases, students have a schedule to help them study and get on with everything else that needs to be done. As a Distance learning student, you need to create your daily schedule so that you know what to do and when.

What Is Distance Education In South Africa?

In South Africa, Distance Learning is any academic or educational method where there is a physical distance between the instructor and the student. There are no student interactions. 

Technological advances in electronic devices and computers have had an important effect on distance learning today.

Which Colleges Offer Distance Learning In South Africa?

  • Matric College
  • Skills Academy
  • Bellview Institute of Distance Learning

Is Distance Learning More Effective Than Traditional Learning?

If you are working or committed to other things besides school, you can use the flexibility of distance learning, which allows you to have a better life and work balance. 

You do not have to worry about going to work and missing classes. If you use distance learning, you will not have to be stressed about driving to school or finding a nanny for your child.

Furthermore, at colleges like WGU, you can complete your studies and take your tests on your own time. 

Which Life Skills Are Affected By Distance Learning?

  1. Characteristics Of The Learner
  2. Sense Of Value
  3. Course Information

Characteristics Of The Learner

If a learner struggles with self-discipline then with distance learning that can be improved because they will need to be able to keep up with their own schedule.

Sense Of Value

Distance learning can help students remember why it is important to push yourself and do better, you get to believe in the importance of studying.

Course Information

Giving yourself time to follow your study schedule and put in the work can help a student understand and learn more about the course.

In conclusion, for those who did not have a chance to finish or continue with their studies, distance learning will give them an opportunity to do so in their own time and pace whilst taking care of family responsibilities too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Technology allows change from stable learning materials to more strong interactive media content. Students learn quicker and engage more when they are not listening to a teacher and reading textbooks, but also participating in academic activities.

These are some of the Distance Learning resources Teachers need:

  • Books
  • Board
  • Computers

Online learning and face-to-face learning both have the information that is being taught.

Learning is when a student goes to college to enhance and get more information about a certain module, whilst teaching is delivering the information to the student in need.

You need to be self-disciplined because you will have to follow a certain schedule, so if you are a person who cannot maintain a schedule, you will miss deadlines.

Author: Silindokuhle Booi
Editor: Connor Bergsma
Date Published: September 8, 2023

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