List of Things to Study in College

  • Colleges offer a wide range of study opportunities to potential students. Students have different reasons for wanting to go to college, and colleges do their best to cater for these varying needs. Have a look at the list below to get an idea of the different kinds of courses on offer at colleges in South Africa:

List of things that you can study at Skills Academy:

Skills Academy offers courses in many different fields of study. Courses are offered on a distance learning basis, which means that you can study at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home. You don’t physically need to go to any classes – your study material is sent to you via courier.

List of Things to Study in College at Skills Academy:

Beauty Therapy Studies

Bookkeeping & Accounting Studies

Business Studies

Child Care Studies

CIMA: Management Accounting Studies

CompTIA Studies

Computer Studies

Creative Studies

Decor & Design Studies

Event Management Studies

Financial Management Studies

Forensic Science Studies

Hospitality Studies

HR Management Studies

Management Studies

Photographic Studies

Policing Studies

Project Management Studies

Secretarial Studies

Short Courses

Tourism Studies

Wedding Planning Studies


Courses that will prepare you for a specific career or for entry into the workplace

These are the courses that aim to equip students with job-related, marketable skills that will enable them to take up an occupation or vocation once they leave college. Examples of these courses include FET (Further Education and Training) Courses, National Certificates and some Diploma courses.

Courses that will teach you a new skill or upgrade your current skills

These courses usually have a fairly narrow focus, and have specific outcomes. They sometimes take the form of short courses. Examples could include Management Short Courses, a course in a Microsoft software application, a Payroll Administration Course, or a First Aid Course.

Courses that lead to a professional qualification

This type of course usually prepares students for examinations that are set by a professional body. Examples include ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) courses, CIMA (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) courses, courses for students preparing for the PMP (Project Management Professional) credential, and courses for students who want to become Chartered Secretaries.

Courses that will help you to change from one career to another

These courses can either be similar to the first category of courses mentioned, or they can be courses that add to your existing experience and qualifications. Examples include Management courses, Event Management courses, Project Management courses and courses leading to professional qualifications as discussed above.

Courses for personal enrichment or for enjoyment

Any course can be done for personal enrichment or enjoyment. However, people often choose to do shorter, less intense courses for this purpose. Non-credit bearing courses are also ideal for this purpose. Examples of courses done for enjoyment or personal enrichment include courses in photography or writing. However, this does not mean that these courses cannot be done for other purposes as well.

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