Different Types of College Classes

College classes can be presented in different ways. Classes are usually presented on a full-time attendance basis, a part-time attendance basis, a distance learning basis or on an online basis.

This depends on the type of classes or college you enrol at. Like Matric College and Skills Academy are distance learning colleges only. While the other college where you attend classes normally are full-time attendance and part-time attendance colleges. The main advantage of studying at colleges like Matric College and Skills Academy is that you get to study at the comfort of your own home. Well, more on that later.

More on Different Types of College Classes

  • Full-time attendance classes

These types of classes usually take place in a classroom or similar physical venue during the day on weekdays. Attendance of these classes is usually compulsory, and students will often be penalised for missing classes without a valid reason.

  • Part-time attendance classes

Part-time attendance classes also require students to be physically present in the venue at which the classes are being presented. However, classes are usually scheduled for evenings and weekends to accommodate students with other daytime commitments. Classes are sometimes also less frequent: for example, there might only be one or two classes per week.

  • Distance learning

Distance learning “classes” are offered via correspondence like Matric College and Skills Academy. This means that students receive their study material via post or courier or download it from the Internet. Communication between students and lecturers or tutors can take place via telephone, e-mail, fax, post, or communication programmes such as Skype. Students are usually not required to attend classes, although there may be a number of tutorials or practical sessions included in the course, depending on the nature of the subject. The advantages of distance learning are that students can study from any location, in their own time and at their own pace. A distance learning schedule is flexible and can easily accommodate students who are in full-time employment. Distance learning often requires a bit more self-discipline than attendance-type classes.

  • Online classes

Online classes are presented via the Internet. As a result, students taking online classes will need to have fast, reliable Internet access. Classes can be presented in virtual classroom format, where students can watch live streaming of a lecturer’s presentation, or students can be required to complete online tutorials. A combination of these methods can also be used.

Further Distinctions:

  • Some classes take a more practical approach to the subject matter being taught, while others take a more theoretical approach. Whether a class takes a practical or theoretical approach will depend on factors such as the field of study, the course presenter’s style, and the aim of the course
  • Common types of attendance classes are lectures, tutorials and practicals

Choosing a type of class or class format:

When you choose your college and the course that you want to study, it is important to consider the types of classes that are offered. You need to decide which format will suit your lifestyle best, and which types of classes will be the most practical for you. Study Online Matric through Matric College and get that dream career you always wanted. 

If you are considering distance learning but don’t have Matric, Matric College offers courses for students that doesn’t have Matric like:

Accredited courses you can do without Grade 12:

Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior certificate (Amended). Start studying Matric Online today!

Courses you can study with Matric or Matric Equivalent:

  • Business Management Courses  (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Educare Courses (Only a Matric Certificate)
  • Financial Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Human Resource Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Legal Secretary Courses (Only a Matric Certificate)
  • Management Assistant Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Marketing Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)

You can use your Matric Equivalent Certificate to further your studies or to focus on building skill sets you can use in your professional career. Here are the Matric Equivalent Courses you can study to achieve a Matric Equivalent Certificate: 

  • ICB FET Certificate: Senior Bookkeeping
  • ICB National Certificate: Small Business Management 

Skills Academy offers course for students that doesn’t have Matric like:

Accredited courses you can do without Grade 12:

Professional courses you can do without Grade 12:

If you know that you are a very self-disciplined person with good time management skills, you could consider distance learning or online courses. However, if you are the type of person that performs better in the structured classroom environment, you will probably need to choose attendance-based classes.

Different Kinds of Courses in College

Last Updated: 11 January 2022