College Careers List

Doing a course at college is a great way to improve your career prospects. Some college courses, such as FET courses, prepare you for specific careers and for entry to the workplace, while other courses prepare you for further studies towards a career, or help you to change careers, or provide a way for you to update or upgrade your CV.

Once you know what career path you want to follow, you will be able to determine which courses will be most suitable for you. Below is a list of possible careers that you could start pursuing if you complete the relevant college courses. Click on the career to learn more:

Supply Chain Manager (Purchasing)
Business Manager (Management)
Financial Manager (Accounting and Finance)
Software Developer (Information Technology)
Marketing Manager (Marketing)
Furniture Designer (Interior Decorating)
Sales Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)
Product Manager (Marketing)
Account Manager (Sales Retail and Wholesale)
Web Developer (Information Technology)
Software Engineer (Information Technology)
Brand Manager (Marketing)
Accountant (Accounting and Finance)
Human Resources Manager (Human Resources)
Tourism Manager (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)
Project Manager (Business Planning)
Interior Designer (Architecture)
Event Manager (Events Planning)
Salon Manager (Beauty)
Secretary (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)
Event Planner (Events Planning)
Party Planner (Events Plannning)
Digital Marketer (Marketing)
Interior Decorator (Interior Decorating)
Tour Guide (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)
Wedding Planner (Events Planning)
HR Consultant (Human Resources)
Camera Operator (Photography)
Travel Consultant (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)
HR Administrator (Human Resources)
Art Director (Media / Broadcasting / Arts / Entertainment)
Recruiter (Human Resources)
Debtors Clerk (Finance / Accounting)
IT Technician (Information Technology)
Visual Merchandiser (Interior Decorating)
Travel Agent (Food /Hospitality / Tourism / Catering)
Bookkeepers (Accounting and Finance)
Office Administrator (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)
Massage Therapist (Beauty)
Photographer (Photography)
Photojournalist (Photography)

Administrative Assistant (Administration / Reception / Secretarial)

Au pair (Childcare)

Babysitter (Childcare)


Nanny (Childcare)
Makeup Artist (Beauty)
Nail Technician (Beauty)
Creche Teacher (Childcare)


Remember that a college course alone will not guarantee you a job. Employers look at various things, such as academic performance, work experience, personal attributes and other factors when they evaluate candidates for a job. Your college qualification will usually be the first step towards pursuing your career of choice.

To follow certain career paths, you might also be required to undergo further training and to pass additional exams before you will be sufficiently qualified.

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Last Updated: 25 November 2021