Part-Time Educare Courses

Educare courses aim to equip students with the necessary knowledge to take care of young children using appropriate methods. These courses can be studied through Distance Learning/Part Time Learning.

Educare Courses

Bellview Institute of Distance Learning offers the following programme: Educare: NATED N4-N6 that can be studied part-time:

You will need a matric certificate (NSC) to start the first Educare course. After successfully completing the Educare: NATED N4 National Certificate course you will be able to continue your studies in the order as indicated above ,concluding with Educare: NATED N6 National Diploma.

Bellview’s Educare Programme Accreditation

Bellview is accredited by the QCTO to offer the NATED Educare programme: 01-QCTO/SDP290618-2617.

NATED qualifications are registered on the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). These courses are accredited and the qualifications that you will receive are held in high regard.

Benefits Of Part-Time Studies

Part-time studies are a very beneficial way to further your education. Here are some of the benefits of part-time studies:

  • Develop career-specific skills: Distance Learning involves studying career-specific skills that will make you the perfect candidate for the career field of your choice. These skills will make it easier for you to become employed and keep your job
  • Gain work experience while furthering your education: Since part-time studying does not require you to plan your entire day around it, you can choose to work while you study. This will allow you to gain work experience and earn an income until you have completed your studies. You might even learn new skills that you can use in your current job that could get you promoted 
  • Choose your workspace: Part-time studies leave the details of your workspace up to you. There is no face-to-face classes for this study method. You can study from the comfort of your own home or in your free time at work
  • Create your study schedule: With no scheduled in-person classes, you can choose when you want to study. As long as you space out your studies so that you are prepared for assignments and exams, you can study whenever you have the time 
  • Generally cheaper studies: With no in-person classes, you will not have extra transport costs or extra payments for utilising a studying facility. This makes distance learning generally cheaper than traditional learning

Added Benefits Of Part-Time Studies With Bellview

If you choose to study Educare via Bellview Institute of Distance Learning, you will be exposed to unique benefits such as:

  • Varying support systems: Bellview offers students various support systems. Their course experts will help you to find the perfect course for you. Trained Bellview staff will assist you with query responses within 24 hours. You will also gain access to student groups on the Together We Pass platform
  • Fast and hassle-free deliveries: After you have registered with Bellview for a course, they will make sure that all of your course materials are delivered to your delivery address within 5 to 7 working days. Also note that if you do not live within the institute’s main delivery range (such as the major cities), the delivery period may vary.
  • Quick assignment results: Bellview will provide assignment results and feedback within 48 hours of your submission
  • Year-round registration: You can choose to register at any time of the year with Bellview. There is no rush to choose a course, you can think it over and register in your own time
  • Easy and diverse application: You can choose to register with Bellview by applying online, calling their landline (0800 39 00 27), or you can speak directly to one of their Course Specialists for guidance in choosing the right course

Author: Karla Nortier
Editor: Megan Dreyer

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