List of part time colleges for bad matric

Can I Study Further Without Matric?

How do I study when I also have a job? By enlisting at a college that has distance or part time learning as a option. This allows you to study in your extra time and at home.

Here is a list of recognized distance learning colleges where you can study without Matric:

Start Studies Qualification Now

Failed Matric – exactly what now? Part time colleges for bad Matric might be the perfect answer for YOU!!!


It is not the end for you … it is a clean-slate. The fact is that just half of the kids who begin school will ever get to Matric. Even if you sit in a Matric class, your opportunities of getting great results and going to university are very little.

Most South Africans will study from home after they leave school. Once you are in your first job you will realize exactly what you need to understand and what you desire to study, to obtain a promotion in your career.

If you are feeling down about your Matric outcomes – get assistance. Do not sit on your own and think dark thoughts. Chat to a friend. If you feel depressed, call a helpline. If you failed matric numerous years back, stop feeling embarrassed about it.

There are countless working adults studying from house, studying part-time, and studying with distance learning in South Africa. You can be one of them this year!

Re-write your Matric.

If you’re feeling good enough you can compose the extra test– the information for which will be available at your school. If you finished school just recently, then this is a great alternative. Go for it. Your outcomes can’t get worse!

Ask your school if you can redo your Matric year. Or apply among the part time colleges for bad Matric results that specialize in Matric. The year you invest to re-do your Matric and get the results you desire, can be the best financial investment you have actually made in yourself.

Take a Gap Year.

Had enough of studying? Take a gap year. If you can manage it, travel.For students there are many low-cost options to travel. And you can work while you take a trip, to assist paying for your living expenses.

Or study something that actually interest you. Which you can complete in a year. When you reflect on your life, you will realize that all and any training was useful. Whatever you study will assist you in your life.

Find out more about taking a Gap Year on the

Find a College where you can study without Matric.

If you do not desire to rewrite or stay another year at the same school you can register at a College where you can study something that truly interest you.

Skills Academy is one of the part time colleges that use courses that do not need Matric.

You can choose one of the following areas of study:

Get experience.

If advancing your studies is not what you desire to do, get an internship in the industry you want to operate in. Employers are generally ready to handle interns to show them the ropes of business. It is important to understand that numerous internships will just pay a minimum salary to cover travel expenses to and from work. In many cases it implies you will have to work for totally free.

The worth of getting genuine work experience, and “getting your foot in the door”, is big. So even if you have to work for free; you must grab any opportunity to do an internship or job shadowing.

Read this short article with some genuine life advice on ways to find a job

Do your own thing.

South Africa lacks small companies and business owners. You don’t need a matric to start an organisation, just fulfill a requirement that you may not see around you. You can take a course in entrepreneurship, accounting, office administration, service management, beauty therapy courses or child daycare and begin your very own service utilizing the skills and knowledge you acquire.

Start looking for a job.

Yes there are jobs that will utilize people without Matric. If you have the best attitude and a favorable technique, then you will discover a job. Any training you do will count in your favour. So even if you are registered for just a brief course, that will enhance your CV considerably.

Looking for a job, is a job. So you have to research the best ways to discover a job. Sending out great deals of CV’s is not a genuine effort at getting a job. It is much harder work than that.

Here are some good suggestions to think about when you start looking for a job:

Failed Matric twice – what now? 

If you wrote your matric twice and failed both times, then you need to sit down and think carefully what your next step is going to be. Do you understand why you failed? What will have to change so that it does not happen again?

For many individuals school is simply not the right way for them to study. There are too many distractions. And you are not studying something that you chose. Pick something that really interest you.

Perhaps you feel so bad about failing matric that you have not given yourself the possibility to think clearly about your future.

Get suggestions from someone outside your household and friends. So you can get solid recommendations from someone that is not involved in your life. The majority of universities and colleges have people who can assist you with career suggestions. Study Online Matric and further your studies. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended)

The number of people that never get a Matric Certificate?

When Education Minister Angie Motshekga released the 2015 Matric exam outcomes, she exposed a pass rate of 70.7%. While numerous individuals celebrated the figure, Equal Education highlighted that a big percentage of students leave prior to the the last examinations.

For the 455,825 students who did pass their Matric finals, 166,263 fulfilled entry requirements for a bachelor’s degree. And there are only about 50 000 seats open at universities. So most of these students will just not get a seat at a university.

Read this article if you desire more information on the matric failure rate:

Why you actually need to study in Matric?

Many students see high school as a celebration and do not focus on their academics as much as they should. Just once they have to choose where to study and what they desire to do with their lives,so that they understand the importance of Matric.

But by the time you are considering a job and additional studies, it is typically too late to obtain excellent Matric results. And typically students don’t choose their subjects carefully. So if you may want to study after Matric, however you don’t have the best subjects to get admission to a college.

You get different passing levels based upon your results. The higher your marks, the better the credentials is that you can study for. The different levels are: Greater Certificate Pass, Diploma Pass and Bachelor’s Certificate Pass.

How can I study without Matric?

Your school results do not say much about your capabilities. You do not get to pick subjects that interest you. You do not get to chase your dream. And often you are not all set for additional research studies At school there are a lot of diversions.

As soon as you have left school and you enter the adult world of work, you will get a much better photo of what genuinely interest you. When you work and study on something that interest you, then the work and the research studies are much simpler!

Some of the best ways to Study Without Matric, are Distance Learning, Correspondence Study and Part Time Research study.

Part time studies.

Part time study means that you study in the evenings after work at part time colleges for bad Matric results. And you can likewise study on Saturdays. You will find lots of full time colleges also provide part-time studies.

The classes are set up and will assist you to keep a disciplined programme. For instance some colleges offers night school for grownups and day school for matriculants in addition to weekend classes.

Distance Learning/ Home Research study.

Matric College

This choice offers more flexibility but you will have to be more disciplined in your method.

Distance learning colleges provide programmes which will work for individuals who are employed and who can not take time off from work to go to classes.

Think about the way you live, and look at all your alternatives before making a choice. Then select the choice that will work best for you.

Where can I study without Matric?

You will discover numerous additional education and training colleges that use courses that do not need you to have a Matric Certificate to gain entrance to the courses. These colleges have actually developed courses varying in length from 3-6 months up to 24 months.

At The Learning Group, you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Beauty Therapy
  • Photography
  • Bookkeeping Courses
  • Interior decoration and Design
  • Wedding Event Planner

At Matric College you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • ICB Courses
  • Matric Courses
  • Accredited Courses
  • Adult Matric Course
  • Beauty Therapy 
  • Educare and Childcare 
  • Tourism and Guesthouse
  • Events and Wedding Planning 

At The Decor School you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Interior Decorating Courses

At TWP Academy you can study the following courses without Matric:

  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Financial Accounting
  • Office Administration
  • ICB Courses
  • Business Management
  • Public Sector Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship

Matric College makes sure you receive the best experience in distance learning. Whether it’s business, accounting or creative related fields, we make sure every person finds the course that suits them. We offer exceptional student support. We make studying easy for you, it’s affordable and we care about the future of our students. Study accredited ICB courses in the comfort of your own home and at your pace. We also offer short courses, courses you can Study Without Matric and National Diploma Courses. Matric College NATED courses will take you closer to the career of your dreams. Courses offered:

  • Business Management Courses  (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Educare Courses (Only Matric Certificate)
  • Financial Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Human Resource Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Legal Secretary Courses (Only a Matric Certificate)
  • Management Assistant Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)
  • Marketing Management Courses (Matric or Equivalent Certificate)

Can I study at Unisa without Matric?

No, you can not study at Unisa without a Matric. Unisa is the exact same as all other South African universities. To obtain a place you must apply. You must have the best possible subjects in Matric. And you must get excellent results for those subjects.

With Unisa and all our Universities there depend on ten candidates for each one offered seat. So even if you pass Matric with excellent outcomes and the right subjects, you are still not guaranteed a seat at the university.

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No matric? No problem! You can study Without Matric from Skills Academy College

Distance Learning Colleges without Matric

Last updated: 11 January 2022