List of distance Learning Colleges without matric

What programs can I study without Matric

Distance Learning Colleges without Matric study while having a job. By enrolling at a Distance Learning  college like Matric College and Skills Academy that provides you with the option to study part time or at home through distance learning. This method only requires you to use your extra time to complete your studies. Don’t have Matric? No worries you can get your Matric through Matric College and further your studies. Study Matric Online and you will be able to further your studies where colleges/universities require Matric. Adult Matric is commonly referred to as Senior Certificate (Amended).

Matric College is a distance learning college that offers a wide range of matric course options that you can study from the comfort of your own home. They also offer valuable information for anyone who would like to learn more about matric and the different options that are available, such as the difference between Senior Certificates, National Senior Certificates, Amended Senior Certificates and even Adult Matric by Distance Learning.

When you choose to study Adult Matric through Distance Learning it is important to ensure that the College you register to study with is accredited and legitimate. You can do this by checking their Accreditations. Because Colleges aren’t required to possess any kind of accreditation to offer Adult Matric, you can look at the other courses that they offer. For example if a college is accredited to offer NATED or ICB Courses, they will need to be accredited by the relevant accreditation bodies, this will mean that the college is in fact accredited and legitimate. You can have a look at some accredited no-matric courses as offered by Bellview Institute of Distance Learning.

Here are some various kinds of courses that you can do to advance your studies, without Matric.

Quick courses

When you study a skills advancement course you are studying to get particular skills. This is frequently the right choice for somebody who has to lean a particular skill. If you have actually simply been promoted, and in your brand-new position you have to understand the best ways to utilize Excel on a computer system, then you can do a quick course in Excel.

Skills courses

These are an excellent way to get new skills or to enhance your existing skills. The course material is created in such a way that integrates the theory behind the skill and the intention to why you need the skill.

Courses are presented in such a way that students can quickly relate to the content and includes numerous examples on ways to apply the relevant skills in a practical environment. Matric College— Accredited by FASSET, QCTO, ICB, is a distance learning institution where students can up-skill themselves towards a brighter future. Matric College offers ICB Courses through Distance Learning. Find more information here

These courses stress the basics of each subject, can be completed within a couple of months. Hence, the course becomes best option for trainees who do not wish to complete a complete certification that can take up to 4 years.

Certificate Courses

These courses are budget-friendly, and are designed to equip you with the skills you have to use in your chosen field. Professional credentials are identified and certified by professional bodies in various industries. They are also identified by employers, which suggests that earning a professional qualification will usually improve your chances of discovering a career.

The entry requirements for these kinds of courses differ– but in a lot of cases, you will be able to enrol without Matric

Matric Courses

You can apply right now to do your matric course at Matric College.  They offer Matric Courses via distance learning in English. You will be able to study with them anywhere in South Africa to achieve your academic goals. 

Matric College makes learning easy! They offer an improved educational experience with exceptional attention to their students.

  • You can study from home
  • We offer individual help
  • We have caring staff
  • We are easy to connect with

Study bookkeeping without Matric

ICB BookKeeping Courses

The Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) provides foundation level courses in Financial Accounting, Office Administration, Entrepreneurship and Public Sector Accounting which needs just grade 10 for entry.

When you’ve passed the foundation level subjects you will have the ability to continue with the programme, right up till you get a Diploma.

Find out more about the ICB courses used by Skills Academy here:

Study workplace administration without Matric.

Office Administration have the option of taking ICB. There are several ICB qualifications a trainee can register for, consisting of:

Office Administration and Secretarial Studies

  • ICB Junior Office Administrator– This programme offers necessary info about Business Communication and Basic Bookkeeping
  • ICB Senior Office Administrator– Labour Relations and Economics are just some of the topics covered in this programme
  • ICB Office Manager– Specifically designed to gear up students to effectively run a workplace, this option teaches fundamental basics like Financial Accounting and Business Management

Learn more about the Skills Academy ICB Office Administration courses here:

Study Business Management without Matric

Business Management is ending up being a progressively popular career option. Among the reasons Business Management is so attractive is that the skills that you find out can be applied throughout different sectors. In other words, a Business Management certification can open lots of doors for you.

Business world is complex and always altering. It’s essential to keep your skills up to date so you can battle toe to toe with the competition, or land a position while competing against other experienced and educated candidates.

A business management certificate is a short-term instructional program that uses a certificate rather of a degree. It takes in between a few months and several terms, depending on how the program is designed and the number of credit hours you take on each term. A certificate in business management can open doors for the inexperienced worker.

If you’re fresh from high school, it’s a terrific method to find out the essentials of business prior to introducing a full-scale bachelor’s program. If you’re currently operating in the business world, brush up on your skills by completing a campus or online certificate in business. Whether you own a small business or are trying to find methods to boost your marketability, a business certificate simply might fit the bill. This will provide you the competitive edge if you’re intending at a leading area in the company or wanting to alter careers.

ICB provides foundation level courses in both Business Entrepreneurship and Business Management. Both of these courses need just grade 10 at the entry level. If you decide to continue you will have the ability to continue with these programs till you accomplish a National Diploma in either Business Entrepreneurship or Business Management.

Check out the Skills Academy ICB Business Management Programme here:   

And find out more here about the whole series of Skills Academy short management courses.

Study Beauty Courses without Matric

Beauty therapy as a discipline that aims to prepare trainees for working in beauty industry. It includes discovering ways to carry out different treatments, as well as discovering about physiology and anatomy, as it is necessary for beauty therapist s to comprehend the scientific concepts underlying the treatments that they administer to their customers.

You can discover out more about the Skills Academy Beauty Courses here:

Study Policing and Forensic Investigations without Matric

In South Africa, the majority of career paths in the forensic science field are associated with the South African Police Service (SAPS). If you want to pursue Forensic Science as a career, consider the following:

  • Do you have the required skills such as analytical skills, detail-orientated, high concentration levels?
  • Do you delight in problem-solving or examining?
  • Are you someone who can adjust quickly?
  • Are you dedicated, a tough worker and ready to put in the effort and hours?

Find out more about Forensics and Investigations courses here:

Can I study without Maths?

Yes, if you select a course for which Maths is not an entry requirement. Note that most university courses require that you pass mathematics at Matric level.

If you study a college course with lower entrance requirements, then you might even study bookkeeping and accounting without having initially done Matric mathematics.

You can study the whole variety of ICB Courses Without Matric and without mathematics.

As you complete each level of your program, you will get acknowledgment from the ICB in the form of an ICB Programme Certificate. As you complete the different courses inside the levels, you will get recognition from FASSET through your formal credentials.

ICB Bookkeeping Courses

ICB Office Administration Courses

ICB Public Sector Accounting Courses

ICB Business Management Courses

ICB Entrepreneurship Courses

Build a profession without matric.

Not every position requires you to have Matric. Searching the job websites on the internet is a possibility for discovering an job.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Digital Photography

Interior Design

Wedding Planner

Business Management


Occupational Health and Safety

Public Sector

Interior decoration

The most essential aspect of your career? Start! Get a job. Work every day at getting a profession.

Get promoted Without Matric.

In the work environment it is not just one certificate that identifies your position. Keep on studying and working hard. The self-starter who works harder than anybody else is frequently the individual with the very best possibility of a promotion.

If you wish to obtain a position that requires Matric, then initially complete an NQF4 level course. NQF level 4 is the very same academic level as Matric. With a job-related credentials at NQF level 4 you will be much better placed for that promotion than the person who did Matric!

The link in between scarce skills and occupations.

In South Africa we find a variety of positions and careers noted as scarce skills. That implies that a sector wants people with these skills, however the can not find sufficient skilled individuals.

Understanding scarce skills is a crucial way to make yourself employable.

Learn more about scarce skills, studies and getting that career you want, here:

Get the profession you desire without matric.

A skills advancement course will equip you with the knowledge and skills you have to operate in a particular field. While this type of course will normally be non-credit bearing, it will still suggest to employers that you have finished a formal training course in your picked field. Studying a skills development course may be a good option if:

You wish to operate in a field where skills and experience are more vital than certifications.

You need specific knowledge and skills to be able to obtain a profession, to be thought about for a promo, or to alter your profession.

Learn more about getting a position here:

Jobs in the beauty treatment field.

A career in beauty therapy can be highly satisfying for people who have a love for beauty. Qualified beauty therapists can work all over the world, and can find work chances in a range of locations.

They can, for example, operate in beauty hair salons, on cruise liner, at spa, or at beauty academies. They also have the alternative to work as freelancers. Beauty artists can also deal with film sets or phase productions, and in fashions programs.

Examples of jobs in beauty treatment field

Beauty therapist

Beauty consultant

Nail service technician

Makeup artist


Facial skin care therapists

Massage therapist

Retail cosmetics assistant

Beauty salon supervisor

Lash and eyebrow expert

Jobs in the Policing and forensics field.

Forensic science consists of numerous sub-disciplines and areas of specialization.

Examples of jobs in Policing and forensics.

Private detective

Forensic pathologist (you will require to study medication if you wish to specialise in this instructions).

Forensic accounting professional (you will require a qualification in accounting to pursue this career).

Accident scene private investigator

Handwriting expert

Forensic biologist

Forensic anthropologist

Crime scene private investigator


Jobs in the Administration Field.

Position opportunities that are offered in the field of administration differ. Administrators are needed in different fields and types of organisations. The functions that they carry out will also vary from one position to another.

Some administrators perform primarily secretarial functions, while others might be needed to play a supervisory function.

Examples of professions in administration:

Administrative Assistant

Administrative Officer

Workplace Administrator

Information Capturer



Medical Receptionist

Personal Assistant

Executive Assistant

Switchboard Operator

Info Officer

Workplace Manager

HR Assistant


Filing Clerk

Legal Admin Officer

Legal Secretary

Civil Servant

Admissions Officer

Healthcare facility Administrator

Reservations Officer

Payroll Administrator

School Administrator

HR Administrator

What do I do if I need to get a Matric?

Go back to school. Try again.

Go and re-write your Matric, and enhance your marks.

What if I want to go to university?

If you do not meet the minimum admission requirements for the degree that you wish to study, then you need to redo your Matric, so that you fulfill the university entry requirements.

No course that you study can get you entry to a university. Just Matric. So you need to complete Matric, with the right subjects and with good marks. If you can’t get that right, then you need to think about other study options.

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Last Updated: 11 January 2022