College Subjects List

Information about Subject Lists:

For each course that is offered by a college, there will be a list of subjects that you need to take. Some courses consist only of compulsory subjects, while other courses have elective options, where you can choose some of the subjects that you want to study.

How do I know what subjects I need to take?

The list of subjects that you take at college will depend on what course you decide to study. The subject list for a particular course at one college might not be identical to the subject list of a similar course at another college. To find out exactly what subjects you will need to take in order to complete a particular course, you will need to look at the course outline, which is usually contained in a brochure or prospectus, or published online.

What can I learn by looking at the subject list for a specific course?

The subject list for a specific course will usually give you a good indication of what topics will be covered in that course, and what you will be learning as part of the course.

Why is there no general subjects list for all colleges?

All colleges do not offer the same subjects, and often use different names to describe subjects that are very similar to one another. For example, one college might offer a subject called English Language Studies, while another offers a subject called Comprehensive English, both of which have similar course content. The number of subjects offered by colleges is also vast. It would therefore be impossible to compile a list of all the subjects that can be studied at college. The best way to find this information is to search for it according to the names of the colleges that you are interested in.

Beauty Therapy Studies

Bookkeeping & Accounting Studies

Business Studies

Child Care Studies

CIMA: Management Accounting Studies

CompTIA Studies

Computer Studies

Creative Studies

Decor & Design Studies

Event Management Studies

Financial Management Studies

Forensic Science Studies

Hospitality Studies

HR Management Studies

Management Studies

Photographic Studies

Policing Studies

Project Management Studies

Secretarial Studies

Short Courses

Tourism Studies

Wedding Planning Studies

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Last Updated: 12 January 2022