College Courses

What is a College?

In America, universities are sometimes also called colleges. In South Africa, however, colleges and universities are completely separate institutions. A college is an academic institution offering courses in various fields of study. College courses usually aim to prepare students for a particular occupation or vocation, and to equip students with relevant skills. 
Skills Academy is a Distance Learning college that focuses on courses that develop skills in the workplace and helps students acquire these skills. They offer a variety of courses with affordable payment plans, making it that much easier to complete your studies.

College Courses in South Africa

Colleges in South Africa offer many different types of courses. Below are some examples of the types of courses that you can study at college:

  • Further Education and Training (FET) Certificate courses
  • National Certificate Courses
  • NATED Courses 
  • Short Courses 
  • Courses accredited by professional bodies – these are often aimed at preparing students for the professional body’s exams.
  • Courses developed by a college itself

In South Africa, colleges do not offer degree courses. Only universities are allowed to offer degree programs.

Entrance Requirements for College Courses:

The entrance requirements for college courses are generally not as strict as for university courses. University exemption is not required to study at a college. Depending on the course that you want to study, you might not even need to have completed your Senior Certificate. College courses have their own criteria for admission. 

The requirements for a course will vary depending on the course you are studying or the college you are applying at. Some college courses might require a senior certificate, while other courses might only have age and basic literacy requirement. 

No Matric? No problem! Skills Academy offers you the opportunity to study without a Matric! To learn more about their no matric courses follow the link: What courses can I study without a Matric certificate? 

Course Areas:

Below is a list of course areas that you are likely to find in many different colleges:

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